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About Us


The words “Esmée Bo.”; a jewelry box that has been passed on from generation to generation; a mystery waiting to be unveiled; a tale yearning for a happy ending; a jewelry brand earnestly hoping to find its roots. 


This intricate, enthralling jewelry box was inherited by the founder, Stewart’s great grandmother.  There seems to have been a message on the bottom of the box starting off with the words “Esmée Bo.”. Unfortunately the rest of the message has been rubbed away through time and is no longer legible.


Stewart’s grandmother received this box as a little girl from her mother. Since then, she stored all of her treasures, keepsakes, love notes and her prized collection of timeless jewelry. From the many stories Stewart’s grandmother told, her mother loved nature and spent large amounts of time walking through the woods as she was growing up.


This aroused Stewart’s curiosity to find the root of this box, while designing a jewelry line to recognize their family’s heritage.


Esmée Bo. jewelry got its inspirations from the timeless pieces that were passed on, while applying the charismatic charm of nature to its chic designs.