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Cocoon Collection

An ever-changing life, we are all growing in our unique ways. The signature Cocoon Collection from Esmée Bo symbolizes the vital growth of each individual; this features our signature collection, jewelry that we hope will metamorphosize into your favourite pieces.


Jardin Collection


Step into our Garden. Filled with delicate blooms and Magnolia trees.  The flower of divine beauty, the Magnolia is our first inspiration for the Jardin collection. The striking Magnolia is often associated with perseverance, dignity and the love of nature, which are the very qualities Esmée Bo aspires to be.


Symphony Collection


A piano, a trumpet, a harp, a saxophone, all from different instrumental families, yet when they come together, they become a harmonious melody. Our world is filled with individuals from different backgrounds, different walks of life, all playing a different role, but when we come together, the stunning rhapsody commence. We have created this Symphony Collection in hope to remind others and ourselves, that we are one.


Serene Collection


Clear blue skies reflect the vast yet serene ocean below; the calmness of the seas conceals the rush of our everyday lives. Inspired by the Big Blue, the Esmée Bo Serene Collection uses predominately seashells and pearls to embellish this collection, these distinctive yet perfect shapes and textures are created over the gentle crashing of waves, slowly forming the beautiful patterns that uniquely belong to the individual pieces.

Ornate Collection


From the hexagons of a honeycomb to the spirals of a seashell, our world is made up of beautiful recurring patterns and shapes formed by natural forces. Our Ornate collection captures the similarities between seemingly unrelated sources, just like how river networks resemble the branches of a tree, these show the underlying wondrous unity in nature.

Twine Collection


Notice the vines wrapped around the trees, the berries carried by the grapevine. The Twine Collection mimics the intertwining of vines and tendrils as they climb up trees, anchoring themselves on their path to reach sunlight, blooming into fruit. Esmée Bo designed this collection to symbolise the importance of stability in the upward path of one's life as they climb towards their dreams.

Life bracelet


Our Life bracelet is an essential to your personal wardrobe as it represents your life. The beads reflect the moments and stages that shape your current life. Our Love Charm is attached to every bracelet and is our signature touch. We believe that there is a loved one in everyone’s lives, whether it is a significant other, a family member, a pet or even a memory, the love will remain true. The embellishment and Esmée Bo Bead represent the other elements in one’s life, whether it reflects a mood, a state, a friendship or a goal, we encourage you to shake things up once in a while, a gentle reminder to ourselves of what is important.

Snake Bracelet – As snake-like chain that winds around your wrist, keeping its structure.

Twist Bracelet – A chain that winds and twists around your wrist, providing a comfortable amount of flexibility.